The Spike

This spike was driven into the deck by LCdr Bert Shadforth on the Crow’s Nest’s opening night in January 1942. LCdr Shadforth was the Commanding Officer of HMCS Spikenard, and the winner of the nail driving contest. The ship was lost a few weeks later. Her captain, all her officers and a good many of her crew were lost with it.

The table holds an embroidered cloth that has the names of many of the Crow’s Nest members in 1971. This table cloth was presented to Lady Outerbridge that year in appreciation of her efforts in making the space available during the war. In her will, Lady Outerbridge left it back to the Club. The embroidery was crafted by Mrs. Hilda Hiscock who ran the catering operation with her husband, Harold Hiscock.

This ship’s badge is from the HMCS Ville de Quebec, one of Canada’s patrol frigates.

The periscope comes from the U190, the German submarine that surrendered at Bay Bulls at the end of WWII. The German crew were transferred at sea to Canadian ships and taken to Halifax. The U190 was brought into St. John’s by an Allied crew and then taken to Halifax. It was briefly commissioned in the RCN as HMCS U190. It was scuttled in 1947 in the approaches to Halifax Harbour.

This ship’s badge is from the HMCS Frederiction, one of Canada’s patrol frigates.