The Crow’s Nest is not just a social club, it is a living breathing museum. With each ship that enters the harbour of St. John’s, our history expands – and it has been that way since the Club opened in 1942.

In 1987 the Club established the Crow’s Nest Military Artifacts Association Inc., for the purposes of preserving and maintaining custody of its historic and military assets and memorabilia. Click here for more information on the association.

We have collected a unique and valuable collection of artifacts of all kinds. Over time we aim to archive all of these artifacts right here on our website. View our online archive with the links below.

All Archived Artifacts

     →  HMCS Fredericton Ship Badge

     →  The Periscope

     →  HMCS Ville de Quebec Ship Badge

     →  The Table Cloth

     →  The Spike

     →  The Log Book