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Friday Pub Lunches (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM)

The noontime lunches are a great way to treat you and your guests to great food, first-class service, and the world-renowned atmosphere of the Crow’s Nest. A great end-of-week treat.


Friday Weepers (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM)

Weepers is the term coined by the Canadian Navy for the weekly Friday afternoon get-togethers. It is said to be based on the need to “weep” with sympathizers over the disasters of the week. Another popular belief was that spouses would be at home weeping while they waited for their waylaid sailors. Whatever the story, it is a very fine tradition to meet with friends at the end of the week. The last Friday of each month is a special Weepers, including live music and complimentary finger food.


Club Dinners (7:00 PM for 7:30 PM)

Throughout the year, the Crow’s Nest hosts a variety of dinners and a brunch for members. Entrées at different dinners include beef, lamb, fish, lobster, or chicken, some curried.

Dinners are always delicious and offered at reasonable prices. Dinners are at 7:00 PM for 7:30 PM and reservations are required. Call (709) 753-6927 to reserve.

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You can now renew your Crow’s Nest membership online. Click here.

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Any financial support you can offer
the Crow’s Nest for preservation of
the Club and its artifacts is
appreciated and a tax deductible receipt will be provided by the
Artifacts Association, a registered charity.

Membership Information

As well as funding the preservation of the Club and its artifacts, membership entitles members to receive the thrice-yearly newsletter Scuttlebutt, to attend the Annual General Meeting, to use the Club during regular hours, and to attend regular dinners. Membership is open to people who support the objects of the Club; the Board approves applicants for membership. Click here for detailed information on our memberships.