About Us

“Perhaps nowhere in the world was there a garret exactly like the Crow’s Nest; fifty-nine steps from street level up the outside of an old store building – officially named the Seagoing Officers’ Club and open to officers of the allied fighting ships and the merchant navy. Reminiscences went round the world, and doubtless still are on the wing, of the loud and smoky room where ship’s crests and bells and trophies hung thick on the wall and where women were allowed on Tuesday nights only, provided they do not clutter up the bar.”

– Joseph Schull, The Far Distant Ships

The Crow’s Nest is a private club which has in operation for 70 years. Beginning as a club for visiting and stationed Navy officers during World War II, the Crow’s Nest is rich in history; the club has become a museum of sorts, housing hundreds of military artifacts.

The Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club is a National Historic Site for its World War II character and its significant collection of military artifacts. Provincially, the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador has presented to the Club the Manning Award for Excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places. The Crow’s Nest Military Artifacts Association is recognized as a museum by the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and a participant in the Virtual Museum of Canada.

The Organization

The Club is governed by a Board of Directors elected annually in May. The Board’s mandate includes:

    • Communications: Scuttlebutt newsletter, website, Club brochure, media contacts
    • Membership: review and acceptance of applications
    • Club services: management of catering contract, entertainment, marketing, Club functions
    • Finance and fund-raising
    • Property: Club premises and equipment
    • Military Liaison: with serving military, ship visits, local institutions

In 1987 the Club assigned its historic and military assets and memorabilia to the Crow’s Nest Military Artifacts Association Inc., a separate entity constituted for the purposes of preserving and maintaining custody of such assets and memorabilia. The Artifacts Association is also governed by a board of directors.


Click here to view photos from inside The Crow’s Nest.


Membership in the Crow’s Nest provides access to the club facilities, invitations to dining and commemorative events, and a subscription to the Scuttlebutt newsletter. To become a member of the Crow’s Nest view our information on membership and click here.

German Translation

Click here for a German translation of the Crow’s Nest brochure.

Supporting The Crow’s Nest

The Crow’s Nest’s operations are funded primarily through memberships and donations. If you would like to donate to The Crow’s Nest, you can do so online here, or you can contact us directly about your interest.