On January 27, 2017, we will celebrate the 75 th anniversary of The Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club. Originally called The Sea-Going Officers’ Club, it is now a National Historical Site, recognized nationally and internationally as, so aptly put by Admiral Sir Percy Noble, “the repository of the legend and lore of the brave men who saved not only Britain but perhaps freedom itself.” Thanks to all of you for helping the Club achieve these milestones.

To this end and in keeping with the 75 th anniversary celebration, your Board has unanimously endorsed the endowment of The Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club Scholarship. The scholarship is an extension of the Club’s commitment to remembering and its endowment will bring recognition of the Club and its purpose to a younger generation. As a sponsor, the Club will join a list of those who believe in education, preservation and remembrance, and reflect those values through the offering of financial assistance for education

The Scholarship will be tenable at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). It will be awarded by the University’s Scholarship Committee to a second or third year undergraduate student from any faculty who maintains an academic average of 75% or greater. The individual will also be a volunteer for community activities and services and displays leadership skills. Presentation of the scholarship will be made by the Club President at an appropriate function. To endow the scholarship, a minimum of $28,000.00 is required, for an annual award that approximates $1,000.00.

You were most generous in your response to a request for restoration funding in 2012, and your Board is confident that you will acknowledge the merit of this scholarship initiative, and once again show your generosity. All contributions are greatly appreciated, and a receipt for tax purposes will be issued by the university (MUN).

Enclosed is a list of several ways in which you can contribute to the endowment. Please select the one which is most convenient for you and help make this Scholarship a reality. The description of the scholarship as it will appear in the university calendar is also enclosed.

With good wishes for 2017, and we look forward to your participation in the 75th anniversary celebrations.

Your Crow’s Nest Board of Directors

Margaret Morris, Lieutenant Commander, Ret’d


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